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           you said ?    

As we know, organizing your wedding is not easy ... And the puzzle is complicated a little more when you decide to unite without harming the planet. Between the moving of the guests, the catering, the flowers that often come from the tropics, whole the waste generated and all those little things we buy only for "the big day", .. it represents a lot in terms of pollution !

But then, what ?

Opt for seasonal vegetables, minimize guest trips, encourage carpooling, reduce waste, think about renting rather than buying, open an ecofriendly wedding list, ask your guests to make a donation to an environmental organization for a reforestation program, play ecovolunteers on honeymoon, ...

... and how ?

That's why The Green Studio offers eco-responsible and sustainable solutions: from caterers to invitations, from guests' gifts to eco-friendly receptions to the bride's organic make-up. We take care of absolutely everything. At home, find bio ethic or eco solutions for each problem raised. And, none for the less, Green Weddings are becoming pretty trendy these days as it provides the combination of an original wedding and a lot of surprises.



Opt for recycled paper, vegetable ink, ... The alternatives are numerous!



Focus on LEDs, reusable dishes, potted plants, seasonal flowers, ...



A place certified by the European eco-label, a natural setting, an eco-responsible castle, ...


Choose a responsible jeweler, know the origin of the materials, opt for alternatives, ...



Local and seasonal foods, an organic supplier or the question of recycling leftovers?



Learn about the solidarity and sustainable tourism, prefer eco-volunteering, ...